R.S. Veira

Award-winning filmmaker, author, orator, and dreamer.

About Me

I am R.S. Veira, an award-winning filmmaker, co-founder of Dream With Me Productions, and founder of RSV Ink. My debut feature film, "Meeting Ms. Leigh", has received international accolades and will be available in theaters and on streaming platforms in 2024.

Watch Meeting Ms. Leigh

A tale of the healing power of spontaneous bursts of love.

Meeting Ms. Leigh, an award-winning romantic drama, is the tale of a young writer in desperate need of inspiration who begins an affair with an enchanting, enigmatic older woman during a weekend in Santa Monica. True feelings emerge, and they must decide whether to continue their torrid romance or go their separate ways.

Meeting Ms. Leigh Official Trailer (2024)


Dream with me productions

In addition to "Meeting Ms. Leigh", I have produced and directed two short films. Check out my director's reel and Vimeo page for more.

In the news

Voyage la

I recently shared my creative journey and more about my most recent work with Voyage LA.



Through my publishing imprint, I have authored and released five books in the YA fantasy and non-fiction genres.

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